Community Impact Partnership


A Community Impact Partner (CIP) is an organization we barter/negotiate assets with and in exchange, cross promote one another so that it is mutually beneficial for both parties to achieve the desired goals. Based on Board discussion, WeGo Public Transit would transition from its existing advertising sales program into a CIP Business Model.  The overall purpose is to promote our image resulting in an increase in awareness; community, political and business support; brand recognition and improved access to public transit.

Strategic Partnerships

WeGo’s assets are prime real estate and can be powerful tools in leveraging local relationships. Since there are a limited amount them, careful consideration must be given on how we will allocate them and to whom we want to partner with. The desired outcomes are to be a strong city partner, build brand equity, raise awareness and increase demand of our services. These are some of the  foundations for accomplishing the nMotion goal of development of High-Capacity Transit (HCT) as local communities enable and encourage transit-supportive development.


What it involves

To be considered, an entity must be a  WeGo Ride partner, provide route guarantees to support additional service, retail QuickTicket, and/or are a strong advocate for public transit. 



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