WeGo Ride


WeGo Ride is an employer-sponsored program that offers employees an alternative to driving to work alone. Offering employees WeGo Ride benefits allows them to commute at a reduced fare using public transit throughout the region. And, employers get a way to save thousands in payroll taxes while allowing employees to commute tax free.

WeGo Ride brochure

It’s pretty simple. Start by looking at the guide that most applies to you: employees’ guide or employers’ guide. Then reach out to WeGo by emailing Rick Rodriguez at [email protected]. Rick will be in touch to ask a few questions and see what works best for you based on your needs and budget.

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Employees can:

  • enjoy a more responsible way to commute
  • cut their taxable income
  • reduce their monthly vehicle expenses
  • eliminate the need to find or pay for parking
  • avoid traffic jams and other people’s bad behavior
  • arrive at work more relaxed and better balanced

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Employers can:

  • get a workforce better prepared to start the day
  • get a tax deduction for the expense
  • reduce the sunk cost of providing free employee parking
  • increase employee peace of mind
  • put a little more money in the pocket of their employees

No matter how you offer it, WeGo Ride is a powerful tool for helping you recruit, retain, and motivate employees.

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It’s pretty simple. There are multiple ways we can bring WeGo Ride to your employees. Once you establish this commitment to your employees, you can integrate the program with your current employee ID, purchase monthly passes, and distribute or establish cost sharing with your employees. It starts with a conversation with us.

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