Vanpool is a regional transportation solution to help Middle Tennesseans lower their commute costs and extend the life of their personal vehicles.

VanStar manages a fleet of vans, at the ready, to take your friends, co-workers and neighbors from home to work at specific times of day. Vans can carry anywhere from seven to 15 people to their final destination. If you're concerned about being left behind or have an emergency come up, participants are automatically enrolled in a Guaranteed Ride Home program to make sure you get home when life gets in the way.

VanStar offers full insurance and maintenance on their vans to lessen your concerns. With Park & Ride lots throughout the region, cut down on everyone's costs by having them meet you at a central location. As a vanpool driver, we ask you keep simple records and your commute is FREE.

For more information on finding an existing vanpool group or starting a new vanpool in your area, email us at [email protected] or call (888) 924-6540.