North Nashville Transit Center



Dr. Ernest Rip Patton, Jr. North Nashville Transit Center

Ernest_Patton_(Edited_for_Web).v2The Dr. Ernest Rip Patton, Jr. North Nashville Transit Center is a new WeGo development at 26th Avenue and Clarksville Highway. It will have an air-conditioned waiting room, restrooms, Wi-Fi, and multiple bus bays to connect several routes across town. It is part of an overall effort to increase access to public transit across Nashville while reducing the necessity of transferring Downtown at WeGo Central. A groundbreaking took place on November 10, 2022, and the opening is scheduled for Spring 2024. 


NNTC_Interior_(Edited_for_Web).v2Current routes that will be connected:

  • 22 Bordeaux
  • 42 St. Cecilia/Cumberland
  • 75 Midtown
  • 77 Thompson/Wedgewood

Routes that will be extended to the transit center:

  • 9 MetroCenter

Possible future connections (funding dependent):

  • Trinity Lane crosstown from Gallatin Pike


The Metro Nashville City Council voted to name the center for Civil Rights activist Dr. Ernest Rip Patton, Jr. Patton was a college student and member of the Nashville Freedom Riders who participated in the downtown Nashville Civil Rights sit-ins and protests in Mississippi.


The North Nashville Transit Center will feature space for art and historical displays. The community is assisting in the curation effort which will be led by the Don Hardin Group. It is designed to be a place to share the past, present, and future of North Nashville and the lives of the people who have made a difference in the community.


WeGo Public Transit is designing the North Nashville Transit Center project in alignment with nMotion, the Middle Tennessee Region’s adopted 25-year integrated and multimodal transportation strategy. This will be one of the first of several centers for Nashville as identified in the nMotion plan and the Nashville Transportation Plan. Once completed, the Dr. Ernest Rip Patton, Jr. North Nashville Transit Center will greatly improve access to job opportunities, workforce skills training for residents, and provide better access to health care and other needed services, creating a level of equity, through transit offerings.


Our Partners


ICF/Megen, pictured from left: Mark Campbell, Roger Ligon Sr., and Roger Ligon Jr.

Contractor: ICF/Megen

Design team: Smith Gee Studios

Display curation: Don Hardin Group

Administration services: ViViD1 Architecture