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Routes Affected by Weather

Route Status Detour Details Map
3 WEST END Normal 3B Bellevue trips: No service on Colice Jeanne, Baugh, or Sawyer Brown. Buses will not travel past the Verizon Wireless at the Staples Park & Ride. Maps
4 SHELBY Normal
6 LEBANON PIKE Normal Regular route
7 HILLSBORO Normal Regular route
8 8TH AVENUE SOUTH Normal Regular route
9 METROCENTER Normal Regular route
14 WHITES CREEK Normal No service on Brick Church between Fern and Baptist World Center. No service on Baptist World Center between Brick Church and Trinity. Lane No service on Lytle. No service on Boyd between Lytle and Ames. Maps
17 12TH AVENUE SOUTH Normal No service on Granny White past Woodmont. No service on Shackleford or Lone Oak. Maps
18 AIRPORT Normal No service on Royal Parkway. Maps
19 HERMAN Normal No service on Herman between 16th and 17th Avenues. No service on Batavia between 28th and 32nd. No service on 32nd. No service on 44th between Dr. Walter S. Davis Boulevard and Albion. No service on Albion between 44th and 49th. Maps
22 BORDEAUX Normal No service on 23rd between Buchanan and Clarksville Highway. No service on Cliff Drive, Buena Vista between Tucker and Stoker's Lane, Stoker's Lane, West Hamilton, or Haynes Park Drive. No service on Creekwood or Fairview. No service on Elizabeth Drive on Camila Caldwell trips. Maps
23 DICKERSON PIKE Normal 23B trips: No service on Brickmont between Moorewood and Chesapeake. No service on Parkway, Oakview, or Vailview. Maps
28 MERIDIAN Normal No service on Flamingo, Oakwood, Bullock, and Jones Avenue past Jones Circle unless conditions permit. Maps
29 JEFFERSON Normal No service on 32nd or 33rd between Clover and Albion. No service on Alameda or Albion between 32nd and 33rd. Maps
34 OPRY MILLS Normal Regular route
41 GOLDEN VALLEY Normal No service on Nocturne, Old Matthews between Combs and Nocturne, or on Monticello. No service on Trinity Hills Parkway. Maps
42 ST. CECILIA - CUMBERLAND Normal No service on 26th between Delk and Buchanan. No service on 9th, Ponder Place, or Athens Way. Maps
50 CHARLOTTE PIKE Normal No service on Annex, Premier Drive, or American Road. Buses will continue to and from Walmart. Maps
52 NOLENSVILLE PIKE Normal 52B Wallace/Ezell trips: No service past Harding and Antioch Pike. Maps
55 MURFREESBORO PIKE Normal Regular route
56 GALLATIN PIKE Normal Regular route
64 STAR DOWNTOWN SHUTTLE Normal Regular route
70 BELLEVUE Normal No service to the Bellevue Park & Ride.
75 MIDTOWN Normal Regular route
76 MADISON Normal Regular route
77 THOMPSON - WEDGEWOOD Normal No service on Thompson Place between Murfreesboro Pike and Goodbar. No service on Glastonbury. Buses will turn around at the Starline Apartments across from Glastonbury. No service on Patricia Drive or Karen Drive. Maps
79 SKYLINE Normal No service to Skyline Hospital or Dickerson Road past Walmart. Maps
84 MURFREESBORO Normal No service on Burton, Highland, Greenland, or Bell. Maps
86 SMYRNA - LA VERGNE Normal Regular route
87 GALLATIN - HENDERSONVILLE Normal Regular route
88 DICKSON Normal Regular route
89 SPRINGFIELD Normal Regular route
93 STAR WEST END SHUTTLE Normal Regular route
94 CLARKSVILLE Normal Regular route
95 SPRING HILL - FRANKLIN Normal Regular route