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Contract No. RFP 2022087 - Installation of Condensing Unit

Project Number: RFP 2022087
Title: Installation of Condensing Unit

Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville MTA), doing business as WeGo Transit, (hereafter may also be referred to as the “Agency,” the “Authority,” “WeGo Public Transit,” or “WeGo”) is soliciting bids for the installation and commissioning of a new 50 ton condensing unit that has been purchased under a separate cover for 430 Myatt Drive. A mechanical study revealed the need for variable rate compressors and multiple upgrades such as: New DX Cooling Coils, TXV Valves, 1-1/2" Refrigerant Piping, and Controls, due to low load on the unit resulting in liquid in the lines not evaporating and burning out the compressors. See technical specifications and drawings for details.

Agency: MTA
Pre-Bid/Proposed Meeting Date: 1/9/2023
Last Day for Questions: 1/18/2023
Advertised Date:
Due Date/Time: 01/25/2023 1:00 PM, CST
Specification Number: RFP 2022087
Title: Installation of Condensing Unit
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