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Contract No. RFP 2022080 - RTA - Legal Services

Project Number: RFP 2022080
Title: RTA - Legal Services

RTA is soliciting proposals from law firms and/or individuals to provide legal services to various departments within the organization. The legal services sought under this RFP are in the following general areas of law:

* Real Property

* Public Procurement Law

* Construction Law

* Municipal Law (e.g., general municipal law, finance, tax, public disclosure, open meetings, board governance)

* Environmental and Land Use Law (e.g., environmental review, permitting, Growth Management

Act, Shoreline Management Act, Natural Resource Law, SEPA hearing examiners)

* Railroad Right-of-Way Acquisition

* Communications Law (e.g., video cable access, internet, privacy issues)

* State and Federal Constitutional Law

* Intellectual Property (e.g., copyright and trademark)

* Alternate Dispute Resolution (e.g., mediation, dispute resolution board, project neutrals)

* Commercial transactions

* Litigation

* Eminent Domain

Proposers should be knowledgeable or be able to obtain knowledge in federal transit law and understand transit policies and their relationship to transit services

Agency: RTA
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Specification Number: RFP 2022080
Title: RTA - Legal Services
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Spec. No.: RFP 2022080
Date: 9/19/2022 3:00:00 PM
Title: RTA - Legal Services
Bid Deposit: None
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Purchasing Contact: Matt Ross


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